Sunday, 21 January 2018

Bouncing back

On Tuesday, 9th January 2018, I finally got around to releasing Bounce Redux through my friends at Monument MicroGames - the idea behind bounce was developed six years ago in my attempt to make a game as simple as it needs to be, and not simpler. At the time, I was studying Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby, and little did I know then that it would be the start of my career as a software developer. A few months later and circumstances forced my hand, and I had to leave my studies behind.

Bounce Redux was written in less than half the time of the original Bounce, the game engine is more efficient compared to the classic version and much of the source is reusable, which is an ideal situation for any developer, as writing a method, function or sub-routine once is the best way to go.

I now have three other ideas to develop for the Sincalir ZX81, and then I will be moving onto the ZX Spectrum. These are:

Shoot Redux: With more efficient screen handling routines, I will be revisiting my attempt at an arcade game Shoot;
Dodge: I got the idea from a recent C64 game that I played, simply to dodge the objects on the road ahead; and finally,
Jump: This is more like a playform game for the ZX81.

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