Monday, 30 September 2013

Teething problems.

Well, after the confusion over my time table for the MSc Computing at Birmingham City University, I find myself in a nightmare situation of having to study Databases again; a subject that I don't get on with, that is confusing and much too high brow for me.

On Friday afternoon, just before leaving work, I discovered that the Database for Enterprise was scheduled for Monday morning at 9am. This was obviously short notice (especially for my employer), and to add insult to injury, the lecturer has not yet turned up nearly 30 minutes after the lecture was due to begin. I hope that this is teething problems, but with the lost time already (as there wasn't a lecture last week apparently), it's looking increasing unlikely that this will be a module that I'll pass because there simply won't be enough time left to cover everything that I need to know if we're running two weeks behind the proposed schedule, especially as I don't have access to the teaching material associated with this module.

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