Thursday, 26 September 2013

Now linked.

If you're reading this through BCU Moodle/iCity or whatever it is and wondering how I got so many posts, well I linked my Moodle blog to my Gaming and Technology blog. Most impressively, considering how useless the SharePoint interface usually is, it actually works! Oh, and you may have just got a lot of SPAM to your bcu mail account - sorry about that.
Anyways, today was my first lecture on the MSc Computing, and it's my favourite subject too - computer programming and software development. I'm really going to enjoy this C# stuff I think.
I emailed the lecturer Steve about a site which goes some way to explaining how computers do mathematics, and why you may end up with rounding errors - the link is, and I recommend it for all budding developers. Although this sort of thing may go beyond the scope of the module, if there's any interested programmers and developers who want to chat about more advanced programming topics then just nudge me. Whatever my Uni ID says, I use my middle name (just to confuse everyone) - don't be shy as I don't usually bite.

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