Monday, 23 January 2012


It's funny how things turn out sometimes. I had what I thought would be a good, solid game concept and tried to implement it on a Sinclair ZX81 in 16K, and, well it was a little bit more dull than I imagined it, but then as I was using the z88dk again, there were some compromises that I had to make mostly due to speed. Too much on the screen would have made proceedings too slow and boring anyway, so I decided to limit the maximum number of ships in a convoy, bombs and bullets. I also made the screen smaller and set a limit to the distance that each bullet will travel on the X and Y plane. I'm sure any pure Z80 coders could make a better implementation.

It's available from the RWAP Software website, and the source code is on pastebin here. Any comments, questions or feedback is welcome.


  1. Just to note, there's a very final and hopefully bug-free version of Shoot available from the RWAP forums - the source code on pastebin is from the first public beta released, so has some bugs.

  2. This game is being ported over to the Android platform, it should be better on a platform with a bit of free processor time.