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My curriculum vitae

Shaun Bebbington - UK -
Currently developing for Square Circle

I am a creative writer and diligent programmer. I have freelanced for Micro Mart magazine ( since February 2002, and have studied object orientated programming using Java, Visual C++ and C#, and develop with PHP, Javascript and other web-centric languages. I am a capable guitarist and a mostly self-taught musician.

* I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as evidenced in my weekly column for Micro Mart magazine. The tutorials that I have written [for Micro Mart] covering programming principles have had very positive feedback from its' readers.

* I have good time management and problem solving skills. I work well in team situations, and am able to meet personal and team deadlines and key objectives in projects.

* I am a good social networker and have built up many contacts within the computer games and IT industry.

* I score highly on EQ (Emotional Quota) tests, am able to be supportive of people who are frustrated or feel under stress, and am a good listener. This has proven useful during my time working in the Health and Social Care sector.

* The finer aspects of my technical blog ( has been peer reviewed by prominent and knowledgeable computer scientists and those who work within software development. The feedback has been generally positive, and is a pre-amble to my MSc Computing project. I am working on a thesis about computer programming principles and problem orientated languages such as C.

* From June 2011 through to September, I worked at This Is The Cat, co-hosting a weekly internet radio broadcast called 'The Midweek Blues', in which we played a variety of blues music from the 1920s (Ma Rainey, Mississippi John Hurt) through to today (Joe Bonamassa). Aside from broadcasting live, duties included sourcing relevant songs, obtaining copyright and PRS information and uploading and/or digitally converting the music and uploading each song to the servers and the Myriad database.

* From June 2010 through to September, I volunteered at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park (, working mostly with 8-bit technology in the 'Home Computing' area, sharing my interests and knowledge with visitors of all ages at the museum.

* I have studied Java programming on a Foundation Degree programme which I started in September 2009; I had previous experience with Microsoft BASIC and some assembly languages (6502, Z80 and MIPs). During the second year [of my studies], I was introduced to the concepts of Object Orientated Programming with Java and have since worked with web-centric languages such as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and Javascript, and some languages such as C#.

* I have used many Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Code::Blocks, Netbeans, Eclipse, JCreater Pro, Visual Studio 2010 and 2013.

* I am a methodical and thorough problem solver.

* I have underpinning knowledge of Database technologies, Informatics and Project Management.

* Developer and content writer (Full-time) - Syncweb May 2013 to present
Creating dynamic websites using client and server-side scripting and mark-up, such as PHP and HTML, and writing SEO-friendly content. Used various frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel, and the eCommerce platform Magento

* Intern and Developer (Part-time) - Metapps April 2012 to May 2013
Working in a dynamic, creative team to develop and create websites and web-based software

* Support worker (Part-time) - Medico Jul 2005 to May 2013
Providing support to adults with learning difficulties

* Freelance writer (Part-time) - Micro Mart magazine Feb 2002 to Present
Writing weekly copy regarding 'retro' computers

* Staff writer (Full-time) - Live Publishing May 2005 to Jan 2006
Worked on Retro Gamer magazine

* Care Assistant (Full-time) - Cheshire County Council Social Services Apr 1997 to Apr 2005
Local Government Agency

* MSc Computing (Birmingham City University) - Part-time study - Expected 2016
Year one modules: Databases for Enterprise, Systems Development, Web Technologies, IT Project Management.

Year two modules: Professional Skills and Research Methods, Network Technology, Service Architecture or Strategic IT Planning (elective), Technology Entrepreneurship.

Year three modules: Masters Project.

* Foundation Degree in Enterprise Computing (MMU) - Foundation Degree - Pass 2011
Year one modules: Introduction to Multimedia, Data Analysis and Database Design, Computer Platforms, Information Systems and Organisations, Programming (Java), Digital Media.

Year two modules: Multi Media Design, Advanced Programming (Java), Information Systems and Database development (Oracle/SQL), Career Development and Works experience, Professional Development, Computer Networks.

* BTEC (GNVQ) Intermediate in Health and Social Care - NVQ Level II - Pass 1995
Course modules included: Makaton, Braille, Food Hygiene (RIPHH), Health and Social Care Services, Core skills (English, Mathematics, ICT).

* BTEC Foundation in Care - NVQ Level I equivalent - Pass 1994
Course modules included: Food and nutrition, Health care sectors, Work placement, Essential skills (English, Mathematics, ICT).

In my spare time, I enjoy programming, blogging and playing guitar. I am a keen writer and have freelanced for several printed publications including Retro Gamer, Micro Mart and gamesTM. I have a passionate interest in retro (8-bit) hardware and software, about which I'm considered to be a specialist.

Available on request

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